Cressingham Counselling is based in Dartford and we offer a wide range of approaches and techniques provided by a highly experienced team of therapists workng from an Integrative Approach to therapy.

Cressingham counselling to gain new skills in lifeIf you need to work slowly towards your goals we can do that with you or if you are looking for a more rapid change we can help you do that too.

There are many differing approaches in both counselling and psychotherapy and our therapists will integrate these to suit the client. None of the therapists at Cressingham Counselling are entrenched in just one method of working – one ‘size’ does not fit all.

As you explore the site you will find a wealth of information about all the different therapies we can include in an Integrative session. Here is a link to the Integrative Counselling page . It has short descriptions of what we do.

Usually the main factor that determines how successful your therapy is, is due to the rapport between your counsellor or psychotherapist. It is not the approach chosen.

The team has about 60 years of experience and thousands of hours of client contact time between them so they have definitely found a way to connect with their clients.

Our aim is to help you eliminate any negative thoughts, emotions, memories, etc, that are holding you back. We want to help you to explore your possibilities of future happiness and fulfilment.

About Counselling in Dartford

Introduction To Cressingham Counselling by Richard Wain